One Song

David Pritchard

An Admission of Guilt

Joel Frieders | March 14, 2017

Knowing absolutely nothing about David Pritchard, nor his 1977 album Nocturnal Earthworm Stew, I will admit to being completely fucking mesmerized by his track "An Admission of Guilt".

I spent the better part of last week staring out the window at all of the shit being blown around by the 80mph winds and playing air drums in my own private David Pritchard universe, where noises aren't noises, they're sonic accoutrements bruv!

As a self-proclaimed beat freak, I find these ever changing rhythms so fucking choice, it's akin to a full length feature film in just under 13 minutes. If only my attempts at making music this all over the place sounded this well put together.

David Pritchard, even though you dropped this shit 40 years ago, I AM HEATED OVER IT HERE IN COLD ASS 2017!