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phox, madison, wi, indie, rock, pop, alt, female vocals
Joel Frieders | September 17, 2012

Who the fuck told me about Phox? Was it Jeremy? Fuck Jeremy.

Holy shit, it's Imogen Heap and Beth Orton and Feist and that chick from Frente all rolled into one chick, but completely lacking in any of the annoying habits those all seem to have after years of loving them from outside their respective bathroom windows.

Seriously, this broad's voice is simply fucking gorgeous. Jesus Christ simultaneously cooking an amazing risotto and developing abstract photography from a late 50s Russian spy camera, I would seriously kidnap this voice.

If it was just the voice that cups my healthily gargantuan nuts, I might be done drooling, but you gotta hear this fucking band. During the last minute or so of the track Sister, there is such amazing shit going on that me trying to describe it would take away from the jaw droppage you are sure to enjoy on your own.

Delicate and intricate and multi-culturally all over the place, PHOX are a marriage of so many styles and layers it's nearly impossible to lump them into a category. The amazing vocals leading the charge are pristine, I assure you, but when the rest of these jagbags join in it's fucking riveting. When the rest of the band drops out during the track Evil, the lazy let-me-dance-in-my-summer-dress-in-the-wet-grass type shit is fucking amazing.

How I've never heard anything like this before is an insult to my fucking entire fucking life as a music nerd, but my anger is somewhat tamed now that I've let this woman sing me off the ledge.

Beauty throws its pimpled dick at your throat in many unexpected forms, and on certain tracks I am certain I stared at a spot on the wall until it moved. "It" might be a penis reference, but I assure you when it moved and flew away it was a moth. Whether that makes you imagine my penis as a moth is anyone's guess, but if you're named Tom, you're already quite familiar with moth cock.

Phox is kind of like Cold Specks in my brain right now, as I'm haunted, turned on, relaxed, on edge, thankful for having found it, but restless in that I hope I never forget how amazing that first listen made my moth cock feel.

Go download this, and after you've proven me right, go back and buy the fucker.