Marina Fages

Madera Metal

9 out of 10
Aaron Sarles | March 20, 2013

I think that one of the things that saved me from slipping too far into self-destructive alcoholism while I was dicking around in Buenos Aires was the fact that there were so many hot Porteña chicks down there that I didn't want to completely embarrass myself in front of. You should hear the way they talk. They speak fluent sex. I didn't get laid much, because the sex I speak is fractured and unforgivably sloppy.

I cry when I masturbate.

Anyway, lovely Argentine hipster girl Marina Fages' voice is near the epitome of sexy cuteness. Even though you, you ignorant monolingual Yankee pig, probably won't understand a single Spanish word she spits, oh damn, you don't need to (and honestly, her lyrics aren't exactly profound anyway).

The tone of the music on Madera Metal is dreamy and wistful and will make you feel like you're floating over some shining river on a clear night. It's simple stuff--just slightly past the "lone girl with a guitar" genre that we all secretly love--but this music's beauty lies in that very simplicity. It's easy to just let it seep into your stupid earholes and let your stupid mind have fun with it. Also, the way Marina Fages rolls her R's will make you cum. All of my underwear is stained.

The first song, “Lineas Doradas,” (trans: Golden Lines), will give you a sense of the album’s general mood: a simple guitar line with various backing instruments piping in once in a while, with Marina’s voice being all sexy and stuff over it. My personal favorite is “Acantilados” (Cliffs), a song about some cheesy romance shit that sounds fucking nice anyway; it’s one of those songs that has that “brings me back” quality to it, where you’ll sit around weeping nostalgically for some perfect lover that you never had. That’s the kind of thing that gets me real stiff.

What you won’t find on this album is any sort of avant-garde innovative experimentation—I think that just about every song on it follows standard pop structure, if you want to get that analytical—but as I said, that isn’t the point. This album is for those nights when you want to just hang out and not think too hard, but still have the audacity to believe that you deserve to feel good about yourself. This album will give you that good feeling.

Probably in the genitals.