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WIth Lions - Touch The Sound - Album Review

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By: Tim Baker
WIth Lions, Touch The Sound, Album Review, Indie Rock, Experimental
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The first few notes of Touch the Sound by With Lions bang it out crystal and clear that this is going to be an intense five song Fuck fest of an EP. It resonates deep and rattles around in your under carriage before screaming a few parting obscenities toward the older folks who just want things to be nice.

With Lions are dope like that.

They feel so British but are a couple of Northeastern fools who retain all of that good grey and cold that drive us dick bags to be such glorious specimens. Touch the Sound is an extension of this feeling, it is the anthem of our lives. Big and swolled in all the right ways; with a handle on the language that makes old Nancies like Gore Vidal grit there teeth and rudely sweat in public.

The melodies and harmonies of With Lions are rich and layered reminding me of my Jr. Prom Date who had sick big hair and a loaded old man. Only these fuckers put out.

Just listen to the sound of that guitar, the sonic depth of the music, the way it soars above the fray and explodes into a glorious multicolored explosion making the heavens look one of them old Houston Astros jerseys. You don't get that kind of experience and rhythm without spending a few wild nights in seedy motels with all sorts of digits in every hole.

Touch the Sound is the first in an ambitious series of four With Lions EPs set to drop in 2012 and these fuckers set the bar high. It is going to be tough top this little nook of fantastic here.

These dirty pricks are the shit.

Im off to listen to Leaving Me until the feeling returns to my lower extremities.

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