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Qwazaar & Batsauce - Style Be The King EP

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By: Joel Frieders
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I have loved Qwazaar's voice since I was in high school.

From Typical Cats to Dirty Digital to Outerlimitz to his solo shit, his voice and flow is near the top of my snob list for things I would rather listen to than 99% of the other Fucks out there fast talking into a microphone. I'm looking at you white people!

His delivery is as recognizable as a klan member whose wife warshed his robe with a pair of red men's thongs. Yes, you just read that. 

I don't know where he gets the energy, but Qwa is a fucking hero of mine. Always will be. If put up against the Energizer bunny, this dude would lap that pink bitch and still have time and breath left to rip a solid 16. Nowhere in hip hop today do you have a voice as powerful and efficient at making every track a fucking song. 

This new new with Batsauce is beyond unFuckwitable. Qwa changes styles, deliveries, tones, and content like I've never heard him. The intensity of rap rap is seriously some of the best shit I've heard in months. I'm actually EXCITED AS Fuck to tell people about this because I knew he had it in him without necessarily knowing he had it in him.

Qwazaar over Batsaucers is seriously a fat fucking steak of hard knockers. This morning on the way into work I got goosebumps twice and relistened to Mind Murder maybe three times as I drove around the block a few times to spend more time with it. And the remix to Shake is fucking disgusting, but not as disgusting as his meter hopping on the original. 

Qwazaar and Batsauce fucking murder this. I am stern in my stance to call this dude one of Chicago's top 3 emcees, forever ever. Forever ever. If his voice could be bronzed and placed on a shelf for all who imagine Chicago hip hop to listen to, he would be just above JUICE for the quintessential emcee sound of Chicago. 

This album is perfect, why they call it an EP is none of my business, but still... It feels like a Chicago summer. It feels like I'm hearing Qwa for the first time, but it's as comfortably familiar as anything else I've fallen in love with so quickly.

Go buy Qwazaar & Batsauce - Style Be The King. And if you don't, at least tell 10 friends about one of my favorite rappers evar, QWA!

Go over to Fifth Element and buy it you flucking plick.

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