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Open Mike Eagle - Art Rap After Party

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By: Joel Frieders
Open Mike Eagle, Art Rap After Party
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I'm pretty sure I've had some good ideas for raps while showering in the shower or driving my driving machine. I'm also pretty sure the guy outside my winder or hiding under my seat could potentially steal those great idears and make himself a fortunes using only my shower or driving songsers. Whoever that fucking prick is, I assure you, I will find him and staple his ass to a bulletin board with the headline "THIS ASSTERTS STEALS SONGS FROM SHOWERS AND DRIVING MACHINES". THAT'LL LEARN HIM!

Seeing as Mike Eagle lives 2,241 miles away from me, that muthafucker couldn'tve ganked these songs from my shower or driving machine. Although he is way better at writing rapsongs than I claim to be, I find his content relaxed in a way that I relate to having been thought up and flushed out (haha) in a bathroom, or driving machine, or place of equal alone time. Not only is his content refreshing in that it isn't referring to his lyrical prowess or large penis or exceptional eyesight, it's clearly spoken, humorous and normally delivered in a manner that makes repeating his lyrics to family members as your own a hell of a lot easier than say, a Busdriver album.

ARAP is the perfect follow up to his awesome Unapologetic Art Rap LP from earlier this year and seems to highlight his sense of humor a shitload more in the smaller packaged EP. OME has been galavanting around the West Coast holding art rap drafting sessions where he indoctrinates you into an arty rapster, and this SYFFAL constituent couldn't be happier that people are fucking FINALLY listening to the guy with the amazing lats and the "i used to be overweight" saunter.

I love Mike Eagle like no man should, and the camera I've placed outside of my shower will hopefully never find that prick ganking my showersongs yoseph.

You can stream Art Rap After Party HERE

Now enjoy this video for the song I Rock from his album Unapologetic Art Rap

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