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Nomadic Firs - Nomadic Firs - Album Review

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By: Tim Baker
Nomadic Firs - Nomadic Firs - Album Review
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I am always a little taken back by just how happy I get when I listen to Nomadic Firs amazing self titled album. It makes me giddy and goofy in way that I would normally find embarrassing but these adorable sons of bitches make me feel so comfortable embracing that side of myself. It is like being invited to prom by the high school quarterback only to find out his name is Deepak Chopra and not only did he help you win state, get a sixer with his older brother's I.D and take your cherry, but he gave you enlightenment and helped you embrace your chakras or whatever the Fuck.

It's really bottled sunshine spiked with LSD and Tequiza; delicious, mind altering and mood enhancing.

Nomadic Firs have become my new morning ritual; I throw it on when I leave the smiling face of my beautiful daughter and lady friend to brave a long subway ride to the SYFFAL HQ in the armpit of Manhattan at the ass crack of dawn. A subway ride filled with all kinds of shit birds, grown ups wearing sunglasses while in a train underground and high school students who are dressed like Jazz from the Fresh Prince as some sort of attempt to make an ironic statement about how teenagers are the planets biggest asshole next to republicans and newscasters.

All of those fucking cock gobblers disappear into the ether and cease to exist when songs like In The Morning, with it's bombastic drums, repetitive mantra of a hook and general vibrations take me to a place where my spirit animal is having its id caressed by a topless Tia Carerra.

Yeah the gal from Wayne's World and I don't appreciate you judging me like that.

The vibe and massage move towards full enlightened release with songs like Vines, Fun and Bitter Pills. Next thing I know I am in our morning editorial meeting looking at Tom's chiseled features and yawning with sensual ambivalence all the while craving my next shot of Nomadic Firs.

If you like joyous, kinda psychedelic music that may or may not be deprogramming your devilish western ways than Nomadic Firs is for you. I seriously want to make the happiest rap album since Del's I Wish My Brother George Was Here with these granola-y assholes. NO I AM fucking SERIOUS!

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