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Loden - Burning Man Stage Hand

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By: Joel Frieders
loden, burning man stage hand, circle into square, fake four, instrumental hip h
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Twas strange.

It didn't really feel like I listened an album. shit, it didn't fee like I had done anything specifically similar to, or anything arbitrarily suggestive of an album actually. To be completely honest, I don't even know where I am right now or what I'm doing with all of this starfruit in my pockets. All I remember is the man sharpening his straight razor on a leather strap and thinking to myself "starfruit look fucking weird".

One second I'm hitting play, the next thing I realize as I look up, is that I'm sitting in silence and I'm parked at a red light.

What the Fuck did you pricks give me?

Oh, I remember. A fucking instrumental album, that's right. Some bork Fuck named Loden. A gift from my bozo friends at Circle Into Square.

These sentences are short.

I have no idea who this chubby beat curmudgeon is, but he makes me feel funny.

Electronic beats on their worst behavior, Burning Man Stage Hand feels like Spacek produced a Beastie Boys album. Wacky and spaced out, yet high strung and taut beaters that sound just as fluffy as they do crisp. I'm sure some ass faced pimple dicks would call this an electro hodgepodge, but when you're from where I'm from, you could catch a kick to the balls for saying something so willy nilly.

Suit, I just said willy nilly.

Loden, I want to have your children... Over for lunch.

Great fucking introduction to a bork I've never heard of.

I like these short sentences.
Fit me well.

Shalom my sisters in juicing.

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