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Gringo Star - Count Yer Lucky Stars - Album Review

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By: Joel Frieders
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When bands adopt an awesomely quirky name, it's always a stretch to love them the first time around. You have to get over the fact that you're pissed you didn't come up with the name first, and then you have to get over the fact that you aren't in said band with the awesomely quirky name. Great ideas in the band name department are often bad ideas when it comes to gaining approval in the hipster demographic.

But Fuck everyone in the ass with a stapler, Gringo Star are fucking awesomes (plurals).

Indie rock might be a bit limiting when it comes to genre-fying their sound, as they borrow from a half dozen or more styles, generations and feels. If I were a music journalist (which I am not, so Fuck you), I'd put Gringo Star on the forefront of crisp indie rock with a retro backline and a delicate country sprinkle.

The guitars are both airy and shrill. The vocals are a combination of 60s surf, 80s REM and drunk street performer on 6th Street in Austin. Driving music would be a perfect sub-genre for Count Yer Lucky Stars, as the tempo stays motoring and the head has no problem keeping on beat. I'm sure there's some law that says bands like Gringo Star have to have at least one member wearing a plaid shirt, but even if I caught every member adorned in the pattern of the grunge I'd be okay with it.

This shit is perfect for an afternoon out by the grill, the drive across state, or for me, a late night drive home from a show where you had 7 shitty beers when you could have had two awesome ones instead.

Someone else tell someone else about Gringo Star. Cmon bro.

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