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Good Field – Good Field - Album Review

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By: Tom Dozois
Good Field, Self Titled, Album Review, Indie Rock, Austin
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Why is it that a lot of good bands I come across are from Austin? What is it about that place that breeds excellent music? Out of pure jealousy, I hate all residents of this city. These spoiled assholes also get to claim Austin City Limits and SXSW??? Ugh.

Good Field is my latest Austin band infatuation. Ironically I was told about them from SYFFAL favsies, Black Books, who also hail from Austin. Their sound was described to me as a cross between the Walkmen and Deerhunter. This pretty much hit the nail on the head. I’ve listened to this album non-stop this week because it is prefect for every occasion: Driving in the car, background music at your desk, frolicking in the snow, browsing the internet while you poop, watching P90X on the couch, etc.

Good Field began as a solo project by a delicious piece of shit named Paul Price….I’ll call him PP for short. Why is PP a piece of shit? Because like I said I envy the residents of Austin, I also envy the musical talent of this prick. I wish that my singing voice sounded like Bob Dylan’s and I wish that I could write incredible songs and I wish I could wear tight hipster jeans without having to worry about swamp crotch.

I also wish that I could pinpoint what it is that I like about this self titled album, but the truth is, I like everything. The sound, the instruments, the production….EVERYTHING. The songs have so much balance, but yet, there is enough contrast to keep your interest.

Our Roofless Home best demonstrates this sophistication in song-writing. Every instrument has it’s own established section within the track. Nothing is over-powering, which in turn, gives the song an illusion of ‘space.’ It feels light and airy, but you are getting a pleasant wave of delicious tones and sounds thrown at you.

This album really portrays indie music at it’s finest. A lot of new music I’ve been sampling this month just feels so forced and pretentious. Conversely, Good Field records 11 tracks that are natural and refreshing. 

The album comes out this weekend and if you are one of the lucky shit stains who lives in Austin you can attend their album release party and get wasted on cheap Keg Beer for only $5. Our interview with PP also went up today and SYFFAL will also premiering the album’s first video…..stay tuned.

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