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Dred Scott Trio - Going Nowhere - Album Review

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By: Tim Baker
Dred Scott Trio, Going Nowhere, Album Review, Jazz
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When I listen to Going Nowhere by the Dred Scott Trio I find myself transported to a land where every fucking step I take is cool. Not cool in the “Oh that's cool" kind of passive aggressive approach so many take to feign detachment, no I am talking smoking a cigarette and hanging out downtown cool. Levi's rolled up with two-tone suede oxfords, a pork pie hat and a wool coat cool. It is an attitude and vibe that the music instills in me that helps me to forget that I am a 30-something father rapidly descending into middle age and colonoscopies.

Dred Scott plays the kind of piano that gets you pussy, and not just suburban mom pussy, I am talking chic statuesque broads that know about art, literature and who order off the menu when they go to popular eateries, cause they have it like that. It is a sensual and smooth brand of piano that dabbles at hints of darkness and possible violence but keeps it all contained enough for you to ride with it throughout the weekend. Throw in a rhythm section, Ben Rubin on Bass and Tony Mason on drums, that drives the whole shebang forward and you have a potent blend of Jazz that sounds both new and classic and makes you dick pop out the pee-hole of your boxers when it chubs up from the sound.

It conjures up a classic kind of sensibility, of a manhood oft talked about in classic novels but rarely seen in real life. It is progress and passion rolled into one scotch soaked dandy of a time, which is best displayed in Final Resting Place.

There are so many moods on Going Nowhere, whether it is the aforementioned Final Resting Place, the lazy afternoon drinking music of Apropos of Nothing, the heroin fueled violence of Mojo Rhythm (Son of Yaah!) and 7 Steps to Heaven, or the sensual comfort of Press Play and Schneidleweiss; it delivers the type of wallop that one often dreams of but rarely gets.

I am jealous of the genius of Dred Scott and the Dred Scott Trio. I would kill to be as masterful with my chosen craft as they are with their's. Going Nowhere is a substantial and glorious statement of at time past and a longing for something better.

It is beautiful beyond words.

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