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Deru - Say Goodbye To Useless

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By: Joel Frieders
deru, say goodbye to useless, mush records, instrumental hip hop
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"It's fucking depressing."
'What is?'
"Whatever it is we're listening to."
'You're serious?'
"What the Fuck is this?"
*I pull over* 'This is where you walk. How's THAT for depressing?'

Don't get into my fucking car and tell me my shit is depressing. Haven't you known me for five minutes already? I like my instrumental electronica in one of three fashions: fast and hypnotic, dark and hard hitting, or fucking slit your fucking throats with a fucking spoon handle depressing.

The latest, or maybe it's his only, album from Deru called Say Goodbye To Useless is fucking gorgeous in every sense of the word. At least from my vantage point.

It's fucking February. It's fucking 50 degrees. It's fucking fogdank outside. The snow from snowpocalypse 2011 is melting and it's fucking grey. It's one big sloppy, muddy, there's that huge pile of shit someone shat before it snowed-fucking mess. It's perfect weather for perfectly somber, introspective and deliciously evil-without-attempting-to-be-evil music.

Whether those are gregorian chants to start off the album or not, I'm immediately hooked on the atmospheric conditions inside of this album. It's its own bio-dome and it's 50F and fucking drizzling like a Cambodian slore wiping up slore-slop after a slore-fest where people slapped slore-cash out on the slore-counter to pay for the ensuing slore-fest. While there are glimpses of a prettier side of life throughout this album, it contains one of my favorite tracks of the year so far: I Want.

Do you feel that?

That's the knife in your pocket vibrating, telling you to kill.
That's the way every object you pass on this rainy street displays itself as a weapon for you to wield.
That's the way you can taste the copper in your mouth minutes before the first kick forces you to swallow three teeth and nearly choke on your own blood.

fucking Deru man. What a creepy fucker.

Think he'd go out with me?

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