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Big Pauper - Cops Eat Flowers

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By: Joel Frieders
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Instrumental hip hop is one of the easiest genres of music to Fuck up. Anyone can cut together a few loops of drums and make creepy noises with their throats, add some filters, drop in a two step bass line and then call it an instrumental hip hop track. With this potential over-saturation now peeking into the window of actual-over-saturation, you have to be careful who you give daps to.

Everyone and their primo (that means cousin, gringo) has a pirated multi-tracking program on their computer. But it's the guys who actually listen to music worth listening to that seem to understand how to make something tasteful and original.

Big Pauper, who I have discovered is aligned with Portland's consistenly titstacular Circle Into Square, is a producer who makes music that fits my sonic needs perfectly. He's on the coattails of personal friends of mine like Maker and Zavala, who I consider to be some of the best in the bidness.

Atmospheric and cinematic, moody, sampley in a good way, overall I find Cops Eat Flowers to be a fucking awesome introduction into a catalog from an artist I had never heard of before seeing the album available for free from circleintosquare.

There is nothing a day needs more, than a perfect soundtrack. Go download this muthafucker and tell me it isn't exactly what instrumental hip hop should sound like?

The peeps over at Circle Into Square mentioned a new album from Big Pauper coming out April 26th, 2011. If this is true, *pelvic thrusts abound*.

Download link and streaming previews available here:

I also found out he has gone by Panzah Zandah by reading his CIS bio here:

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